Website Design Checklist

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The tourism and event website experts at Embarketing who design user-friendly appealing websites developed this checklist which provides a comprehensive outline of what to do and what not to do when setting up an event website.

We do not believe in spending thousands of dollars on a website, but we do believe in getting the fundamentals of a website right.

This tool can be used to help develop a brief for a website designer.

It will help you understand

  • the basics of websites

  • how to choose a website developer

  • how to DIY your website

  • your content management system

  • the journey users take once they get to your website

  • how to map out your layout and content

  • integration with social media

  • search engine optimisation (so potential attendees can find your website with a search)

  • tips from experts who are familiar with both great and terrible websites


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